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On our Home Page this month is our Artist Spoghtlight featuring James Deane including a link to hear his music as well as basic information on what we do including our database driven Song List and Showcase, information about our exclusive music listings, music songwriting, publishing, recording and more...

About Us
Our About Us Page shows you how our 25 years in songwriting, copyrights, publishing, artist development, performing, recording and marketing combined led to our creating Crossoverllc to showcase music and songs that have crossover potential (songs that appeal to a wider audience) offering benefits for Songwriters, Publishers, and the Music Iindustry as well as Advertisers, Film and Television, the gaming industry and the multimedia industry.

Song List
Our Song List features a database driven catalog of songs by Artists with Crossover Potential into other markets / genres! Here you can listen to Artists and unsigned bands with crossover potential, view their biographies and discographies and more...!

Buy Rights
Using our Buy Rights Page you can fill in our simple form to request pricing and availability for individual songs listed in our catalog!

Using our Booking Page you can fill in our simple form to request pricing and availability for individual Artists and Bands for booking purposes! Here you can find Artists and Bands for your next event, show or gathering!

Our Sevices Page Lists the wide range of services offered by Crossoverllc including the following:

Industry Exposure
List your songs in our online catalog of songs! At Crossoverllc, all songs listed in our catalog of songs are pre-screened to be sure those songs that are selected for listing will have greatest appeal to the industry. This way your songs stand the best chance of being seen by the overall industry!

Songwriter / Artist Development
Become more creative and develop the real Artist within! If you have what it takes then we may be able to help you develop your craft to the level expected by the industry decision makers who will ultimately decide your fate! Our focus is on songwritins skills, techniques, tips and tricks as well as performance related issues.

Copyright Assistance
Protect your intellectual property rights (your songs!) We can assist you with the copyright process to protect your songs from copyright issues later on down the road!

When it comes to producing your music, from arranging, recording, engineering and mastering your music, to the duplication process, we can help you put all the pieces together in the right order!

Marketing / Promotion
When it comes time to market and promote your music we can provide marketing and promotion assistance including CD and package design, online presence (website, online art, etc..), promotional booking kits, and more.

Contact Us
Our Contact Us Page provides convenient ways you can contact Crossoverllc to inquire about purchasing songs, book Artists, list your songs, advertise with Crossoverllc send us your comments, request general information or send us correspondance by mail.

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